Steam Coils

Standard or steam distributing construction is available for high and low pressure applications. Standard steam type is the basic 5/8" or 1" tube steam coil, known as the single tube design.  The steam supply and condensate return headers and connections are normally at the opposite ends of the coil.  Uniform steam distribution to each of the coil core tubes is accomplished by proper header assembly design.  The steam supply connection should be located in the center of the header, with a perforated plate type baffle located directly behind this connection.  Properly sized orifices are located in each of the core tube entrances into the header.




Tubing: Copper, Cupronickel, Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel
Core: Free Floating designed to expand and contract in the casing
Rows: 1 or 2 (5/8" only)
Fin Surface: Sine Wave (corrugated), New Ripple (peak and valley) or Flat (5/8" only)
Casing: Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper or Aluminum
Connections: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Red Brass, or Copper Sweat (MPT, FPT, Victaulic, Grooved or Welded)
Vents & Drains: Standard on all coils





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