The Modular Auxiliary Removable Coil Unit (MARC) holds any of the coil types that we manufacture.  All seams are sealed with silicone and weather-stripping to ensure a leak-free case. What makes the MARC different from any other cased coil unit, is the ability to remove the coil through an access panel.  Each MARC is custom built to meet your specific application.

  • Replaces coil sections in existing air handlers.
  • Good application for tight spaces or small door access where modular construction would be required (cruise ships).
  • Addition of heating /cooling to make-up air units
  • Auxiliary/supplemental heating or cooling



Casing: 16 Gauge Galvanized Steel or 304 Stainless Steel
Base: 3 inch or 5 inch
Access Panel: 12 x 12 unless otherwise specified
Construction: All seams sealed with 0.500 x 0.125 insulating strips and silicon
Panels constructed with 0.750 Microlite Insulation
1/4" - 20 Hex screws with rubber washers used for cabinet
Label kit provided
Casing: Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper or Aluminum
Options: Double Wall, Internal Filter Rack with Hinged Access Door, Split Back Panel for Coil Removal, External Vent & Drains Extended





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